Diapered wet adult - See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Our Friday photoset update is out now for members of DiaperGal. It was September and the summer was quickly disappearing.

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I'm an adult and I still wear diapers and plastic pants, and I don't feel as if I'm a man. There was a large bulge sitting in the seat of her diaper and she was already starting to smell it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

I do and will continue to wear even wet.

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  • 18+ Only. 27yr old, 24/7 diapered. After a great nights...
  • I am an 18 year old ab/dl from canada. I like wearing...
  • I am currently wearing Abena Abiform diapers and they are very absorbent and can hold a lot of...
  • While many enjoy using diapers for recreation, comfort, security, emotional support,...
  • 24/7 Daiper Loving Girly
  • Diaper Wet Pant Selfie Rebloggs. W/phone In Hand.
Moses Ukoh: I used to live in Woodland Hills and met a girl from Irvine. It literally took 6+hrs to get to Irvine on Valentine's day back in 26 or 2 That was the last day I saw her.

Veronica V: I vote for the asian 09 . She is the best out of all those listed.

Bloodsaber64: Colombian women are nuts and stupid, just for watching some photos like of a celebrity women they get mad, I would slap her if one them attack me and start being bitchly towards to me like it's happening to these American man in this video.

Appoline R: Turkish man, please! Turkish man, please! Turkish man! I need to know how they are and this channel is so good! I love it!

Victoria: Please do dating a romanian man! I think that will be fun! We are allover the world so itt wouldn't be hard finding a romanian anywhere :D

Sprachlust: LMAO the Italian guy scared me

Alexa Moore: The worst video i have ever saw are you sure you have all the facts right

Mel Matt: My Greek Aunt will never let me leave her house if I don't eat a

Laura Thomas: I have been told my outfit is good when it is unique.

Wake Up: A los tipos no les disgusta que seas gordita, les molesta que seas pelotuda! (En general, no por la que habla en este video)

Suzie Mac: I from Bulgaria

Phroden Dekia: I always feel like if i asked you out i pay

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Diaper fetishism , nappy fetishism or diaperism , is a type of garment fetish or paraphilic infantilism. Being forced to wear diapers as a form of humiliation was sometimes a behavior encountered in sexual masochism according to the Dsm-4 [1] , but any reference to diaper fetishism have been removed in the DSM

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  1. Bitcon was quite the experiance for everyone. Watching the vid with you getting to know Sargon and others. Hope you find your way. God bless

  2. Why Thank you. Idk how to find the person who complimented me, but thank you

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Diapered wet adult

Posted on by Guillaume ROY

How to Know if You've Become Addicted to Wearing Diapers (As an Adult). at home, only at night) and how to use it (for sexual foreplay, for leisure, to wet). A...