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The person behind her moved forward as the train came to a stop. Soniya could only see blackness in the windows of the train; she knew they weren't approaching a station yet. Soon, the doors hissed again and closed. Her keys, like her cell phone and her wallet, had all been in her purse. She tried to open them, but to no avail. Soniya felt the train arrive almost a minute before it actually pulled into the station, way before it could actually be heard in the tunnel.

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The Hunter: Q.Why do all Indian men stink so bad. No not you, you are fine but I have met a lot of Indian men and they stink . Why is that?

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She wondered where she was, and what stop she was at she just realized that the train had stopped once again. All i could do was look at the masses of people around me on the plane. Soniya sighed as she waited for the passengers to exit before boarding the bogie nearest her. She remembered that the person in front of her had one hand on the handrail; where were these new hands coming from? The cock in her pussy pressed forward, and Soniya could feel it touch her membrane.

Is she playing games? interested or just an attention seeker?

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Delhi sex stories

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This is my real experience with a girl I met online. She liked to be dominated and humiliated. I used her to fulfill my fetish. She was very happy to do it. Since...