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I recently got some Birddogs http: Truth of the matter is no one has all the answers. Strange, wonderful, and problematic anatomical...

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Even the best and most modern anatomical diagrams depict average anatomy only. Strange, wonderful, and problematic anatomical variations occur in humans all the time. My father, a US Navy corpsman the navy equivalent of an army medic has told me stories about the surprising number of minor and major birth defects he witnessed while working in a maternity ward in a Naval Hospital in Japan: Here are several interesting examples that are also potentially clinically significant , especially in musculoskeletal medicine:.

For every visible, superficial oddity, there may be an invisible internal one. Surgeon Sherwin Nuland writes:. Of the many hundreds of appendectomies I have done during a career of thirty-five years, no two were the same. And for every striking variation, there are probably a dozen minor ones. Any of them have the potential to be involved in musculoskeletal problems.

More than sixty years later, it is difficult to imagine that this text was intended for the approving eyes of teenagers and their parents.
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Should I be concerned?

The clinical significance of normal...
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A more tech-savvy blogger would know how to remove those colorful and distracting! Best of the Web. Best of the Web. Hislop M, Tierney P. The advertisements touch upon themes of shame, change and concealment while eventually shifting towards acceptance, and the reclaiming of personal power, self-esteem and sensuality.

How could I possibly have missed this? The way in which an organ is attached by ligaments and folds of tissue to its surroundings, for example, is in general predictable, and yet just enough personal difference occurs that an operator never knows beforehand whether the viscus he is approaching will come up easily into his seeking hands or require deep dissection to free it.

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  1. The stretching method does not regrow nerve endings, this man you're talking about is having a placebo effect.

  2. Yeah because you really understand what's going on in a person who has been genitally mutilated. You speak for me. Glad we cleared that up.

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Odd shape chubbies

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When "Chubbie" sausage arrives, slice through the natural (from long, slow smoke) But in those old odd-shaped cooking devices there's a lot of romance and. That Flatter Your Cuerpo...