Dbp lesbian seduction guide - Monopoly Money (Or the Lesbian's guide to seducing Straight Women)

As you may or may not know, after a few years of coming out, dating, and general lesbian tomfoolery, Katrina C. Danger is off...

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The key is to make them feel like you want to date them, these women are looking for flattery anywhere. There are plenty of girl-on-girls out there waiting to be Autostraddled, so get out there and get on it! Because I want you, right now. These moves are short-term attention-grabbers, not an ongoing way of interaction. The thing about straight girls is, they're reluctant to go into the bedroom. May or may not have lost an opportunity last weekend because of it.

KC Danger pantless on the internet! The key is to make them feel like you want to date them, these women are looking for flattery anywhere. You have to be careful with overt statements like this though. The same goes for her. The hard part is already over! I really wanna know. I have yet to master it.

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I met Lizzie after her break up with Brad.

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  • How To Pick Up Chicks: A Lesbian Guide to Getting Girl-on-Girl Action | Autostraddle
  • Hellllloooooo ladiesss, you're lookin' good today. As you may or may not know, after...
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Dbp lesbian seduction guide

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Her (the "Catwoman") sport, is to meet normal girls, get them to fall completely in love with her, and make them lesbians (or Bi's) so that she can shag them...