Wow computer for seniors complaints - The WOW! Computer for Seniors – Is this computer right for your parent or grandparent?

So, we visited a lovely lady who was referred to us from The WOW! We had no clue who Wow was or what they...

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And if you like downloading movies and music to my computer than a gigabyte hard drive is more than enough I am sure of it. As with so many offers that turn out to be scams or semi-scams, it began with a full page ad, this time in Parade magazine. Shame on this company for taking advantage of Seniors who take the bait. They freeze up, stall throw mumbo jumbo and then I lose my desire to write.

Hardware specifications are a joke, GUI is a joke and the price is deplorable. Please save your money, buy a computer from Wal-Mart and use the money you saved to pay for a personal computer class.

On this page I provide reviews of various products that might be of interest to anyone looking for computers for seniors or other software solutions geared towards seniors and other non computer literate people. First, I want to make a disclaimer so as to be perfectly transparent. I did, however, research many websites, including manufacturer and marketer websites, as well as various customer and professional reviews.

If you have any information, comments or opinions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. The Telikin family of computers are all-in-one computers. They all have touch screens and come pre-loaded with applications so they are truly ready out of the box.

One thing to be aware of is that the applications included are the only ones that can be used. There is no way to install anything else or make any configuration changes. All three models have wireless WiFi capability, but the keyboard and mouse are both wired. Why would you need a mouse with a touch screen? I minor thing, I admit. You get one month of their VIP Support for free.

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Visit on the topic categories below to be charmed to frequently asked questions that relate to that category. We designed the WOW! Computer for seniors and baby boomers with little or no sample using computers.

We at bottom realized that the WOW! Computer appealed to scads people who wanted a simple, easy to make use of computer. We chose Linux to avoid frequent disagreements with viruses and to provide a more collateralize, problem-free computer environment. Linux has been developed concluded the last 20 years by numerous companies and currently runs on millions of computers. Computer is designed as a one's nearest or personal computer. Control superiors still, we include at will software updates for liveliness at no extra Our goal is to provide a truly affable, hassle-free computer that is simple to use and maintain.

Computer is designed to work with a high speed internet coherence.

As with so many offers that turn out to be scams or semi-scams, it began with a full page ad, that time in Parade magazine. Two exclamation marks and not fed up hyphens; generally a bad sign up for. But looking at the sort out shot shown in the photo, it does seem possible it would be easier for populous seniors to use -- larger type and a simplified interface, particularly. It's also touch-based, more like an enlarged tablet or phone, with a keyboard and mouse for times when that's handy.

But I was serene suspicious because, like so frequent ads directed at seniors, it was vague on details. It doesn't even list a cost, just a toll-free number to call. The primary thing I wondered was whether it runs Windows or not, because the ad implies the system is resistant to viruses it veritably says the system is "worry-free," which is a pretty grown claim in computer land and we all know that's not true of Windows, even with constant maintenance.

A quick search found the specifications , which state that the operating conformity is based on Linux, the open source version of Unix, so it may well be much better at avoiding infection than a Windows computer.

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However, in our viewpoint, it is obviously good the exceptionally compensation, firstly...


Wow computer for seniors complaints

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WOW! Computer for Seniors - Big Inch Touch Screen - Large-Print Keyboard at WOW! Computer for Seniors...